Facilitated Ordering Research (McDonald’s)

Facilitated Ordering Research

As a graduate-level intern at McDonald’s, I worked with the Customer Experience Design group on improving the user experience at the drive thru, particularly as it relates to communicating with the order taker.

Past research generated the hypothesis that “logical order scripts,” training customers to the proper way to place an order, may reduce stress and inaccuracies at the order point.  In order to understand what leads to a breakdown in communication, I spent time observing order takers and customer communication at McDonald’s restaurants, as well as listening to and analyzing hundreds of previously taped orders.

Analysis from research led to the creation of “order typologies,” or patterns in behavior, that helped inform concept development.
















Scripts for order takers were created and prototyped with research participants based on key design principles:

•  Reduce choice for customers
•  Allow for data input at speed of order taker, not
the customer
•  Ease Point of Sale input
•  Reduce opportunities for ambiguity
•  Ease comprehension for order taker
•  Encourage order takers to be more self-aware

Research participants were prompted to give especially complicated orders to test if order takers were able to use scripts to improve communication.